Krang Configuration

Krang is configured through a single configuration file called krang.conf. This file is stored in the conf/ directory inside Krang. Krang's configuration file is in the same format as Apache. Simple directives are set using the name and value, separated by a space. For example:

  ApachePort 8000

Multiple values are separated by spaces. Example:

  ParentSets Flex Default

If a value contains a space, it must be enclosed in quotes (single or double):

  InstanceDisplayName "MotorTrendPIRT/CMS, Ultra Super Edition"

Instance blocks in Krang work like VirtualHost blocks in Apache. For example, the instance called ``truckin'' would have a block like:

  <Instance truckin>
     InstanceDBName truckin
     # ...

Just like Apache, configuration directives defined outside the Instance blocks are inherited by the instances. This means that common settings can be defined globally and then selectively overridden inside the Instance blocks, reducing overall configuration size.

The actual configuration directives used to configure Krang are documented inside the krang.conf.

NOTE: After you edit krang.conf don't forget to restart Krang so your changes can take effect:

  bin/krang_ctl restart

Hostname Dictionaries

If you are running a Krang cluster, it can be extremely helpful to use the same krang.conf file for each machine. Unfortunately, some Krang directives are very machine specific (like IP addresses). And it can be a pain and very error prone to have to manually keep multiple config files in sync.

This can be accomplished by using a ``Hostname Dictionary'' for the value of a particular directive. For instance, let's say you had an instance which has an IP address of on machine A, but on machine B with a load balancer sending traffic between them.

    # krang.conf on machine A
    # krang.conf on machine A

You can instead use a Hostname Dictionary to consolitdate that into a single directive. The hostname of the machine will be used to pick the correct value when Krang is started:

    # krang.conf on either machines
    InstanceApacheAddr {

A Hostname Dictionary can be used for any directive in krang.conf.