Installing Krang As a Developer

The purpose of this document is to walk a user through the process of installing a new Krang instance. It is assumed that the user who installs this is (1) a knowledgable UNIX administrator, who (2) has root access to the machine on which he is installing Krang, and (3) he has a basic understanding of what Krang does and how it looks when it is working.

Note: this probably won't work unless you're running on a supported platform. See pod/ops_install.pod for the list of supported platforms.

Krang Install Check-list

  1. Create a user to own Krang instance (as root)
       useradd <username>
       chmod +x ~<username>

  2. Check out Krang from CVS. Instructions:

  3. Upgrade/Install MySQL 4

    You can find binaries for MySQL 4 here:

    Make sure you install the server, client, devel and shared packages, if you're using RPMs.

  4. Build Krang

  5. Configure Krang. Edit conf/krang.conf to use the username you created in step one as KrangUser and KrangGroup.

  6. Build the Database.
       make db

  7. Run tests.
       make test

  8. Authorize user to start Krang via SUDO (as root). Add to /etc/sudoers:
       "username  ALL=(root)  NOPASSWD: $KRANG_ROOT/bin/*"

  9. Start Krang
       bin/krang_ctl start

  10. Now visit the server in a web browser. If it works, you're done!