Krang::Conf - Krang configuration module


  # all configuration directives are available as exported subs
  use Krang::ClassLoader Conf => qw(KrangRoot Things);
  $root = KrangRoot;
  @things = Things;
  # you can also call get() in Krang::Conf directly
  $root = pkg('Conf')->get("KrangRoot");
  # or you can access them as methods in the Krang::Conf module
  $root = pkg('Conf')->rootdir;
  # the current instance, which affects the values returned, can
  # manipulated with instance():
  # get a list of available instances
  @instances = pkg('Conf')->instances();


This module provides access to the configuration settings in krang.conf. The routines provided will return the correct settings based on the currently active instance, accesible and setable using Krang::Conf->instance().

Full details on all configuration parameters is available in the configuration document, which you can find at: