Krang::File - find a file needed by Krang, searching addons and core


  # find one file, searching through addons and the core
  $file = pkg('File')->find("/htdocs/images/arrow.png");
  # find all instances of a file
  @files = pkg('File')->find_all("/htdocs/images/arrow.png");
  # find all matches for a file glob
  @files = pkg('File')->find_glob("/htdocs/images/*.png");
  # forget past requests


This module finds files, searching through any installed addons and then in core Krang. This allows addons to override files in Krang without overwriting them.


$file = Krang::File->find($path)

Returns the first instance of $path in an addon or in Krang's core.

NOTE: despite the name this method will find directories as well. It's up to you to use -f or -d as needed.

@files = Krang::File->find_all($path)

Returns all instances of $path in an addon or in Krang's core.

@files = pkg('File')->find_glob("/htdocs/images/*.png")

Returns all files matching a file glob in an addon or in Krang's core.


Drop the cache of files found. This is needed if files are deleted or new files are added which may override old requests.