Krang Modules

Krang::AddOn - module to manage Krang add-ons

Krang::Alert - interface to specify events to alert upon,

Krang::Benchmark - manages the running of benchmarks scripts

Krang::CGI - Krang base class for CGI modules

Krang::Cache - a read-only, non-persistent, private, LRU cache

Krang::Category - a means to access information on categories

Krang::Charset - some handy utility methods for dealing with character sets

Krang::ClassFactory - a registry for class names allowing runtime overrides

Krang::ClassLoader - load Krang classes, using Krang::ClassFactory

Krang::Conf - Krang configuration module

Krang::ConfigApacheFormat - Config::ApacheFormat wrapper for Krang

Krang::Contrib - storage and retrieval of contributor data

Krang::DB - provides access to Krang database

Krang::DataSet - Krang interface to XML data sets

Krang::Desk - Krang Desk API

Krang::Element - element data objects

Krang::ElementClass - base class for Krang element classes

Krang::ElementLibrary - the element class loader and indexer

Krang::ErrorHandler - consistent die() and warn() handlers for Krang

Krang::File - find a file needed by Krang, searching addons and core

Krang::Group - Interface to manage Krang permissions

Krang::HTMLPager - Web-paginate lists of records

Krang::HTMLTemplate - HTML::Template wrapper for Krang

Krang::Handler - Krang mod_perl handler

Krang::History - records historical events for krang objects

Krang::IO - abstract away any IO operations that need to be Charset-aware

Krang::Info - info about the CMS

Krang::List - interface to manage lists.

Krang::ListGroup - interface to manage list groups.

Krang::ListItem - interface to manage items within a pkg('List').

Krang::Localization - Krang localization module

Krang::Log - Krang logging module

Krang::Markup - Base class for browser-specific WYSIWYG HTML filtering

Krang::Media - Media and media metadata storage and access methods

Krang::Message - module to handle UI messages in Krang

Krang::MethodMaker - extended version of Class::MethodMaker

Krang::MyPref - Krang user preference API

Krang::Navigation - Krang module to manage UI navbar

Krang::NavigationNode - a node in the left-navigation menu

Krang::PasswordHandler - implement a system wide password policy

Krang::Platform - base class for platform build modules

Krang::Pref - Krang Global Preference API

Krang::Profiler - Devel::Profiler wrapper for Krang

Krang::Publisher - Center of the Publishing Universe.

Krang::Schedule - Module for scheduling events in Krang.

Krang::Script - loader for the Krang scripts

Krang::Session - session handling for Krang

Krang::Site - a means to access information on sites

Krang::Skin - module to manipulate skins

Krang::Story - the Krang story class

Krang::Template - Interface for managing template objects

Krang::Trash - data broker for TrashBin CGI

Krang::URL - adjusting Krang object URLs to their publishing context

Krang::UUID - provide unqiue identfiers

Krang::Upgrade - superclass for Krang upgrade modules

Krang::User - a means to access information on users

Krang::Widget - interface widgets for use by Krang::CGI modules

Krang::Workspace - data broker for My Workspace CGI

Krang::XML - XML utility class

Krang::lib - setup Krang library search path

Krang::BulkEdit::Textarea - Class for Textarea-based bulk editing

Krang::BulkEdit::Xinha - Class for Xinha-based bulk editing

Krang::BulkEdit::Xinha::Config - Class to configure Xinha-based bulk editing

Krang::CGI::About - show the About Krang screen

Krang::CGI::Bugzilla - web interface to input bugs directly from Krang

Krang::CGI::Category - web interface to manage categories

Krang::CGI::Contrib - web interface to manage Contributors

Krang::CGI::Debug - a debugger for Krang

Krang::CGI::Desk - displays stories on a particular desk

Krang::CGI::DeskAdmin - web interface to create, delete and

Krang::CGI::ElementEditor - element editor CGI base class

Krang::CGI::Group - web interface to manage permission groups

Krang::CGI::Help - Krang help screens

Krang::CGI::History - web interface to view history logs

Krang::CGI::ListGroup - web interface to manage list groups and list

Krang::CGI::Login - web login to Krang instance

Krang::CGI::Media - web interface to manage media

Krang::CGI::MyAlerts - interface to edit Krang user alerts.

Krang::CGI::MyPref - interface to edit Krang user preferences

Krang::CGI::Nav - show the Nav bar

Krang::CGI::Publisher - the publisher frontend

Krang::CGI::Schedule - web interface to manage scheduling for stories and media.

Krang::CGI::SessionEditor - Krang base class for CGI modules that edit objects in the session

Krang::CGI::Site - Abstract of web application....

Krang::CGI::Status - Krang status screen

Krang::CGI::Story - web interface to manage stories

Krang::CGI::Template - Module what manages templates

Krang::CGI::Trash - the trashbin controller

Krang::CGI::User -

Krang::CGI::Workspace - the my workspace application

Krang::CGI::Media::BulkUpload - web interface used to upload archives of media files.

Krang::ElementClass::CategoryLink - category link element class

Krang::ElementClass::CheckBox - check box element class

Krang::ElementClass::CheckBoxGroup - checkbox group element class

Krang::ElementClass::Cover - cover element base class

Krang::ElementClass::Date - date element class

Krang::ElementClass::DateTime - An element like the cover_date inputs

Krang::ElementClass::ListBox - list box element class

Krang::ElementClass::ListGroup - list group element class

Krang::ElementClass::Media - media element class

Krang::ElementClass::MediaLink - media linking element class

Krang::ElementClass::PoorText - WYSIWYG element

Krang::ElementClass::PoorTextList - a multi field WYSIWYG element

Krang::ElementClass::PopupMenu - popup menu element class

Krang::ElementClass::RadioGroup - radio group element class

Krang::ElementClass::Storable - parent class for elements with complex data

Krang::ElementClass::StoryLink - story link element class

Krang::ElementClass::Text - text element class

Krang::ElementClass::TextInputList - a manageable list of text input fields

Krang::ElementClass::Textarea - textarea element class

Krang::ElementClass::Time - A popup time chooser like the one used for cover_date

Krang::ElementClass::TopLevel - base class for top-level element classes

Krang::ElementClass::XinhaEditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor

Krang::ElementClass::_PoorTextBase - Base class for PoorText element classes

Krang::FTP::DirHandle - Virtual FTP Server DirHandle

Krang::FTP::FileHandle - Virtual FTP Server FileHandle

Krang::FTP::Server - Virtual FTP Server for Krang Templates and Media

Krang::FTP::FileHandle::Handle - IO::Handle class for Krang::FTP::FileHandle

Krang::Markup::Gecko - WYSIGWYG HTML filtering for Gecko browsers

Krang::Markup::IE - WYSIGWYG HTML filtering for Internet Explorer

Krang::Markup::WebKit - WYSIGWYG HTML filtering for WebKit browsers

Krang::Schedule::Action - Abstract class for scheduler action type classes.

Krang::Schedule::Daemon - Module to handle scheduled tasks in Krang.

Krang::Schedule::Action::clean - Scheduler Action class which implements scheduled cleanup and maintenance functions

Krang::Schedule::Action::expire - Scheduler Action class which implements scheduler expire functions

Krang::Schedule::Action::publish - Scheduler Action class which implements scheduler publish

Krang::Schedule::Action::retire - Scheduler Action class which implements scheduler retire functions

Krang::Schedule::Action::send - Scheduler Action class which implements scheduler send functions

Krang::Test::Content - a package to simplify content handling in Krang tests.

Krang::Test::Util - helpful testing routines

Krang::Test::Web - Test::WWW::Mechanize subclass with Krang specific helper methods

Krang::XML::Simple - XML::Simple sub-class with auto Base64 decoding

Krang::XML::Validator - validate XML documents against XML Schemas

Krang::XML::Writer - XML::Writer sub-class with auto Base64 encoding