krang_charset_convert_data - convert the character set of krang data.


NOTE: It is important to back up your data before running this script. If used incorrectly ic royally screw up your data. Please, please, please back up before using this.

    krang_charset_convert_data --from ISO8859-1 --to UTF-8


This script will convert your data in the Krang database from one character set to another. This is useful if you've been running Krang for a while and your site needs to change its character set.

NOTE: If your tables aren't already in the --to format, <bin/krang_charset_convert_tables> must be run AFTER this script. Either way, the charset directive in krang.conf should not be changed to the --to format until both your data and tables are updated.


The script takes the following options:

Supported Encodings

Krang supports any character encoding set that is listed by Perl's built-in Encode::Supported. If you need other encodings than Perl provides by default, you can install other Perl encoding modules on your system.