krang_charset_convert_tables - convert the character set of krang DB tables


NOTE: It is important to back up your data before running this script. If used incorrectly ic royally screw up your data. Please, please, please back up before using this.

    krang_charset_convert_tables --to UTF-8


This script will convert your MySQL database tables to the given character set.

NOTE: If your data isn't already in the --to format, bin/krang_charset_convert_data must be run BEFORE this script. Either way, the charset directive in krang.conf should not be changed to the --to format until both your data and tables are updated.


The script takes the following options:

Specify the character set that you are converting your data to. This can take the same values that can appear in the Charset configuration directive.

Supported Encodings

Krang supports any character encoding set that is listed by Perl's built-in Encode::Supported. If you need other encodings than Perl provides by default, you can install other Perl encoding modules on your system.