krang_convert_story_type - converts stories from one element class to another.


 krang_bric_loader [options]
 --help                     - Displays this menu.
 --man                      - Displays this menu and detailed application
 --class-map classX=classY  - Descibe the mapping of stories from one class
                              to another.
 --no-slug                  - if this is set, only stories with no slugs
                              will be converted from classX to classY.
 --verbose                  - show running dialogue


This is a potentially dangerous script that will convert stories from one element class to another. It assumes that the element class that stories are being converted to exists. It also assumes that the element classes are pretty much identical. Example of use: converting from a story type 'table of contents' to 'table of contents cover'- each class having identical element trees.