krang_egraph - element class graph generator


  krang_egraph --format png --output element.png


This module creates pretty graphs of Krang element sets and the modules that power them. Set the KRANG_INSTANCE environment variable to pick the instance you want to work on. If KRANG_INSTANCE is not set then the first instance in krang.conf will be used.

You'll need the Perl GraphViz library installed to use this tool, which isn't a standard part of Krang because it requires graphviz. You can get graphviz here:

Then you can install the Perl GraphViz libraries like:

   perl -MCPAN -e 'install GraphViz'


  --format  - Output format.  This can be 'png', 'gif', 'ps', or any of
              the other GraphViz formats.  'png' is the default.
  --output  - File to place output in.  Default is 'element.png'.
  --modules - Set to 0 to disable output of the module tree.  This
              shows just the element classes which is generally
              prettier but tells you less about the element set.
              Defaults to 1.
  --class   - Name of a top-level element class to render.  If this
              isn't set all top-level elements will be included in the
              graph, but this might be too confusing for large element
  --direction - Which direction to draw the graph in.  The default is
                'right'.  Set to 'down' to produce a vertical layout.