krang_expunge - remove a site or series of sites from a Krang instance, ensuring that no dependencies to those sites exist in the remaining content.


List the actions that would be taken by removing a site (no actions actually taken):

  $ krang_expunge --site_id 1

Go through with removing a site and cleaning up dependencies:

  $ krang_expunge --site_id 1 --execute

Display more output during the process:

  $ krang_expunge --site_id 1 --execute --verbose

Delete elements that link to deleted content, rather than zero them out:

  $ krang_expunge --site_id 1 --delete-links --execute


krang_expunge is designed to remove one or more sites from an existing Krang instance, and clean up any links outside of those sites, ensuring that no dependencies remain.

This script was developed in conjunction with the bin/krang_extract_subset, to make it possible to break up a Krang instance with multiple sites into multiple instances, with a minimum of breakage and manual labor.

The idea is to use bin/krang_extract_subset to export a single site or series of sites (which no longer link to content in surrounding sites). Once exported, use bin/krang_import to load those sites into a new Instance, and use bin/krang_expunge to remove that content from the first Krang instance.

WARNING: Be careful using this script - all deletions and content modifications are final!

Command line options are:

The steps taken by krang_expunge are as follows: