krang_install - install Krang from a dist file


  $ krang_install


This script will install Krang on a RedHat 7.3 or Redhat 9 (i686-linux) system from a dist file created by krang_makedist.

It can also install Krang from a backup file created by krang_backup. For more on this topic, see docs/ops_backup.pod.

What krang_install does

Following is a list of the tasks the installer script will perform.


 Required parameters:
  --HostName                - Host name used for CMS
  --IPAddress               - IP address used for HTTP and FTP
  --AdminPassword           - For CMS "admin" user
  --DBUser                  - MySQL user used by CMS
  --DBPass                  - MySQL user password used by CMS
  --InstanceHostName        - Host name of CMS instance virtual server
  --InstanceDBName          - Name of MySQL database
 Optional parameters:
  --InstanceElementSet      - Name of element set used by CMS instance, defaults to 'Default'
  --FTPHostName             - Host name for FTP server, defaults to HostName.
  --MySQLRootPassword       - Password for the MySQL user "root"
  --DBHost                  - Host name for MySQL
  --DBSock                  - Socket file for local MySQL server
  --InstallPath             - Directory for Krang install
  --KrangUser               - UNIX user for process ownership
  --KrangGroup              - UNIX group for process ownership
  --FTPPort                 - Port for FTP server, 21 by default. 
  --ApachePort              - Port on which CMS HTTP server should run
  --SMTPServer              - Address of SMTP mail server 
  --InstanceDisplayName     - Name of the Instance for UI display
  --FromBackup              - the name of a backup file to restore from.
  --WithAddon               - Installs Krang with an addon.  May be repeated.
  --EnableSSL               - Turn on SSL support (default: off)
  --SSLApachePort           - SSL port used HTTPS on main Apache server (default 443)
  --Charset                 - The character set to use. Defaults to UTF-8.
  --run-tests               - run Krang "make test", defaults off
  --help                    - Show usage
  --man                     - Show full man page


Refer to docs/ops_install.pod.