krang_makedist - make a release of Krang


Build a distribution from the contents of the current directory.

  $ bin/krang_makedist [ --with_language de,fr | --with_language all ]


This script will create a distribution tar file for Krang, using the contents of a Krang CVS checkout.

What krang_makedist does

  1. Extract version from

  2. Look for data/build.db. If found, use the information there to name the output file for a binary distribution. If not, build a source distribution.

  3. Create list of files and directories to be excluded (ex. bench/, conf/krang.conf, CVS/*, lang/de and other localization lexicons).

  4. Creates INSTALL using pod2text on docs/ops_install.pod.

  5. Copies platform README from platform directory into the distribution root, if present.

  6. Builds the tar.gz archive.


  --with_language  - comma-delimited list of language tags (ex. 'de,fr')
                     Specify 'all' if you want to include all localizations.
  --help           - Show usage
  --man            - Show full man page


Refer to docs/ops_release.pod for information about building a new release.