krang_template_patch - apply a patch to a set of templates


Apply changes in templates.diff to templates.kds:

  $ krang_template_patch templates.kds < templates.diff

Make a diff of changes from old_templates.kds to new_templates.kds and apply them to old_templates.kds:

  $ krang_template_diff old_templates.kds new_templates.kds | \
    bric_template_patch old_tempaltes.kds


krang_template_patch [options] template_dataset


  template_dataset  - the path to the dataset to which the passed in
                      changes should be applied


  --patch-options   - options to pass to patch, defaults to "-p1",
                      which is a good setting for patches produced by
  --force           - complete the patch operation even if patch returns a
                      non-0 result code.  Defaults off.
  --help            - shows this screen
  --man             - shows the full documentation
  --verbose         - print a running dialogue of operations.  Repeat
                      up to three times of successively larger amounts
                      of debugging information.  If verbose isn't turned
                      on then the -s option is passed to patch to supress
                      extraneous output.


This program applies a patch produced by krang_template_diff to the templates in the specified .kds file. This is useful in a situation where you need to distribute a limited change across a number of Krang instance which have slightly different templates.