krang_upgrade - upgrade Krang from a dist file


  # bin/krang_upgrade


This script will upgrade Krang on a RedHat 7.3 (i686-linux) system from a dist file created by krang_makedist.

What krang_upgrade does

Following is a list of the tasks the upgrade script will perform.


 --KrangRoot         - Directory where Krang is installed, defaults to 
 --MySQLRootPassword - Password for the MySQL user "root".  Defaults to
 --MySQLHost         - Host that MySQL server is running on. Defaults to
                       "" - which connects to the local host.
 --no-backup         - Skip making a backup before running the upgrade.
 --no-start          - Skip starting the Krang services after the upgrade
 --no-chown          - Skip re-chowning all of the files to the KrangUser
                       and KrangGroup. This is useful if you have a lot of
                       data files and you know that nothing has changed the
                       ownership of the files
 --no-db             - Skip any database related changes for the upgrade. This
                       is mainly used if you have multiple machines running Krang
                       which share a common database.
 --keep-sessions     - By default Krang clears out any existing sessions so that
                       it doesn't have to worry about incompatible data sitting in
                       in a user's sessions. But you can elect to skip this step.
 --no-ssl-symlinks   - By default Krang will re-make your SSL symlinks using the Apache
                       provided Makefile. This is necessary when Krang's Apache has
                       some big changes, but can be slow when there are a lot of certs.
 --help              - Show usage
 --man               - Show full man page


Refer to docs/ops_upgrade.pod.