krang_useradd - Add a new user to Krang


krang_useradd [options] login

Specify new user/login and then supply password:

  $ krang_useradd minimum_6_character_login
  New password:
  Re-type password:


 --debug                - Prints a list of all the user's fields setable
                          from the command-line and a dump of the object
                          after save
 --email                - Set email for this user
 --fname OR             - Set the first name for this user
 --groups group1,[...]  - Associate login with the listed groups 
 --g OR --G               (a comma-separated list).
                          By default, user is associated with the group 'default'
                          If this is not want you want, specify the
                          --no_default option.
 --no_default           - Don't insert the user into group 'default'.
 --help                 - Displays this menu.
 --lname OR             - Set the last name for this user
 --man                  - Displays POD for entire script as manpage.
 --mobile-phone         - Set the mobile phone# field for this user
 --phone                - Set the phone# field for this user

N.B. Logins and passwords must at least be 6 characters long. The current valid groups are: admin, default, and editor


This program provides a means to add a new user to Krang from the command-line. Once the command is executed, the uniqueness of the login will be checked against the system. Provided the login is unique, a password prompt will appear. If the password is at least 6 characters in length, the user will be prompted to confirm the password. If all goes well a new user will be created in the system.