Krang Scripts

krang_addon_build - build source modules packaged with a Krang addon

krang_addon_dist - build an addon distribution

krang_addon_framework - auto-generate the support skeleton for a Krang addon

krang_addon_installer - installs extra functionality into Krang

krang_addon_uninstaller - removes addons from Krang

krang_addon_upgrade_test - test the upgrade modules for Krang addons


krang_backup - make a backup of a Krang installation


krang_build - build a Krang binary distribution from source

krang_category_rename - rename Krang categories

krang_charset_convert_data - convert the character set of krang data.

krang_charset_convert_tables - convert the character set of krang DB tables

krang_clear_minified_assets - Remove any existing minified JS and CSS files

krang_combine_js - One JavaScript file to rule them all

krang_convert_story_type - converts stories from one element class to another.

krang_create_lists - sync Krang::ListGroups with lists.conf file

krang_create_story - Create a story via the command line



krang_delete - interface to deletion of Krang objects

krang_deploy_templates - simple command-line utility to deploy krang templates

krang_dump_session - show the contents of a session

krang_egrapher - element class graph generator

krang_exec - run some piece of code under the Krang install

krang_export - export Krang data sets (.kds files)

krang_expunge - remove a site or series of sites from a Krang

krang_extract_subset - creates subsets of .kds files created by

krang_floodfill - create fake Krang data the easy way



krang_generate_csv - create a CSV file from Krang data

krang_import - import Krang data sets (.kds files)

krang_info - gives a quick summary of the Krang installation

krang_install - install Krang from a dist file

krang_kds_retarget - change the site targeted by a KDS file

krang_load_skin - loads a Krang skin

krang_makedist - make a release of Krang

krang_objects_saved_since - returns a list of all stories, media objects, and templates saved since a given date/time

krang_passwd - change Krang user passwords

krang_prune_versions - delete old versions of stories, medias, and/or templates from the database

krang_publish - command-line publishing utility for Krang.

krang_read_only - interface to mark Krang objects as read-only

krang_restore_instance - restore an instance backed up via krang_backup --instance




krang_smoke_test - Run the Krang smoke tests and send the results to Smolder

krang_src_dependency_check - Check the dependencies of a Perl module in a src/ directory

krang_storable_freezethaw - convert element data between Storable and FreezeThaw strings

krang_template_diff - describe differences between template datasets

krang_template_patch - apply a patch to a set of templates

krang_test - run tests on Krang

krang_tmp_cleaner - clean out old files in tmp/ directory

krang_to_utf8 - utf8 conversion helper

krang_uninstall - delete a krang install

krang_unlock_user - Removes the login locks placed on user.

krang_unpublish - command-line un-publishing utility for Krang.

krang_upgrade - upgrade Krang from a dist file

krang_upload_media - import media from filesystem

krang_upload_templates - import templates from filesystem

krang_useradd - Add a new user to Krang